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Warriors End of Season Celebration is a Success

Montbello High School Football Program End of Year Celebration Recap

The Montbello High School Football Program's end-of-year celebration was a resounding success, filled with gratitude, recognition, and a sense of camaraderie. The event, made possible by our generous sponsors, supportive parents, and the hard work of the Booster Club, was a fitting tribute to a season filled with dedication and achievements.

The celebration kicked off with opening remarks by our leader and head Football Coach Stan Richardson took the stage to welcome all provide the agenda and set the tone for the entire event. The booster club provide great food and a beautiful setup for all to eat and enjoy the season highlights.

The day was not only a reflection on the season's highlights but also a moment to honor the coaches and players who demonstrated exceptional commitment and skill. The Booster Club, in particular, was recognized for hosting a remarkable event that brought the Montbello community together.

Dr. Brewer, our esteemed Principal in Residency, shared inspiring words of wisdom via video that resonated with everyone present. His commitment to the school and the football program was evident, and his encouragement left a lasting impact on the players.

Coach Rich follow up with a discussion of our upcoming 1st year of Varsity programming, college readiness, emphasizing the importance of education and character development. His insights provided the players with valuable guidance for their future endeavors both on and off the field. The highlight of the event was the awards ceremony, where players were acknowledged for their outstanding contributions to the team. Academic excellence was celebrated with awards presented to Azal Delgado (GPA 3.97) and Jaysee Barrera (GPA 3.91) Jhorman Antonio (GPA 3.5), Joe Ferguson (GPA 3.5) and Dominic Figueroa (GPA 3.4). Leadership Award was exemplified by Dominic Figueroa, while Jahaad Washington was recognized as the Best Newcomer. The Mr. Consistent Award went to Quentin Buggs, and Marcus Johnson earned the Ironman Award for his resilience and dedication. The most improved player of the year is Jeremiah Guerue. Jhorman Antonio received the Sportsmanship Award, and Jordan Martin was honored with the Mr. Versatility Award. Special Teams Award went to David Saldana, Offensive Player Award to Joe Owens, and Defensive Player Award to Aaron Nelson.

The pinnacle of the event was the announcement of the Most Valuable Player of the Year, awarded to Deion Turner for his exceptional performance and team leadership throughout the season.

To commemorate their commitment to the team, all players received a certificate of participation and a key chain medallion, symbolizing the lasting connection to the Montbello Football Family forged during their time with the Montbello High School Football Program—a reminder that their bond with Montbello High School Football will forever link them together.

As the celebration came to a close, special thanks were extended to Principal Ms. Neisa Lynch and the administrative staff for their ongoing support. Gratitude was expressed to sponsors whose contributions made the season possible, and heartfelt appreciation was directed to Ms. Jessica Lockner (Booster Club President) and the booster club for their unwavering commitment to the success of the program.

The event was a fitting conclusion to a remarkable season, leaving everyone inspired and looking forward to the continued success of the Montbello High School Football Program in the future.

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